Luciano Sanchez was born in Granada (Spain) in 1977. He began drawing from his early infancy, and from then on, his life has been always related with art.


Alongside with Art, a passion for motor, bikes and Kustom Kulture soon developed on him, though it wasn't till 2012 when his work took an U- turn, after discovering the work of Robert Williams,Coop and Ed Roth "Big Daddy". He soon realized both passions, art and motor, can be fused. From that moment he focused to develop his work on that path, getting inspiration from classical terror movies, ,Culture pop,Hot Rods, PinUp, bikes, tattos,..

Luciano's works are developed using different techniques, from classical oil to digital (Kustom Graphics). Nowadays he lives on his born city Granada, working and collaborating with customers around the world. You can easily find his work portrayed on the most important publications related to Kustom Kulture.